How To get started with coding

Becoming a coder is a very difficult task we all know that, but as a beginner, you can start with these simple steps and move further to make a career as a coder. so here we begin:

Step 1: select field/ development interest

Everyone has a particular interest field in which they want to pursue their career. You must select what type of developer you want to be. There are not many categories so it will be easy for you to decide

  1. Web developer
  2. Mobile application developer
  3. Desktop/pc application developer

Once you have selected one category you can move to next step….

Step 2: select a programming language

You don’t have to learn all the languages. Select a language in which you want to be a professional; if you want help In selecting, you can search for languages famous nowadays. I would recommend Java, Js, and knowledge of basic HTML, CSS would be fine.

Step 3: learn basics and be patient

You just need to learn the basics of the language when you start coding do not try to go in deep of the language otherwise it will become a hectic situation for you and you will end up thinking that this is not your cup of tea! But that’s not true. You will learn while you develop, not while you are reading. The more you practice better you will be.

Now the big question is where to get basics?

You can Google beginners guide for programming basics. There is a bunch of programming website that helps beginners to learn programming basics for free! or watch tutorials on youtube which are completely free.

Step 4: work on logic and Algorithms

Logic is more important for web developers, not the design!! Do not waste your more time designing your application UI at first, there are many frameworks and IDEs which will help you make a great application UI via just drag and drop, so you have to work on logic.

Once you have learned to implement logic you can move to the next big step.

Step 5: select a small scale project

Small-scale project means you don’t have to make a very hi-tech project, try to select a project through which you learn maximum things and implement those you have learned.

This will enhance your coding skills.


Habits that are going to help you while coding:

  1. Start with small programs like sum of numbers, Armstrong numbers etc. Do not try to make a large software at start.
  2. Make your variable name similar to the purpose of the variable.Eg :- variable representing Student Registration number then name variable as student_reg_no.
  3. Validation should be proper. There are bunch of users who love to mess with applications so work on validation properly
  4. Try to test your application very well. I am not talking about the testing tools try it manually. Check every validation is proper and everything works properly and the application does not can also give your application to others to use who do not know the flow of the application. Believe me, this will help you very much!!

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