Ways to download and watch movies and serials for free

We all crave for free movies and serials for free and also with good quality, but to download those free movies it’s a very hectic process because of false links or deleted links. So here I am with some simple ways to download most of the movies for free whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood or anything!!!

  1. Use index of links

This is a superb way to download a lot of movies and TV series. You just have to enter this on Google —– index of new girl. You will find links related to it click those links and your favorite episodes are downloaded, similar you can do to download movies.

And it’s also legal to download from those links.

We All Love to watch movies! but have you ever considered reading the book instead of watching movie. There is much more they have had left in the movie. I know ,not everybody is a good reader but let’s have a look at some amazing books available here.

  1. Visit :

These are my favorite websites; you can register for free and watch movies and TV Series in good quality.


Some movies you can find on YouTube and TV series too. You can download those YouTube videos and also watch them online for absolutely free or you can buy movies on youtube at a reasonable amount.


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