sixth sense applications


Applications of sixth sense technology

  1. Capture Photos: In order to snap a picture, the user has to make a rectangle in the air, The picture will be taken and it will be placed on the memory card. A person can resize and edit it whenever needed by projecting it on any hard surface like a wall.
  2. Mobile Phone Dialer: Sixth sense can be added to our cell phones. Instead of carrying a cell phone in hand, a person can project the keypad on his palms and make calls just by touching the digital keys and press the keys as done on a mobile phone. There will not be any limitation for the screen and any medium can become an output medium.
  3. Video Newspaper Instead of reading a newspaper which has static images a person can view a video regarding the particular news. In this case, Sixth Sense pulled up a video online about the same news that is published in the newspaper. This device can be used easily by all the people because it uses hand gestures which everyone uses in daily life.
  4. Quality Check In shopping malls, one can easily check the quality of food they are about to buy, quality and reviews of other products they wish to buy. This process reduces the customer-complaints list in the malls hence increasing the profits.
  5. 3D Drawing Application: The drawing application of this device lets the user draw on any surface by tracking the tips movements of the user’s index finger.
  6. The Clock: The user just needs to make a gesture of a circle on the wrist and the clock with current time will be projected on the user’s hand.
  7. Surfing Internet on plain paper or any surface
  8. Playing motion games over the paper
  9. Feed information on people: Feed information on the person in front of the user.
  10. Zooming features: We can zoom in and out by hand gestures by pinching fingers of both hands and make both hands closer to each other to zoom out and make both hands away from each other to zoom in.

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