Android Studio VS Eclipse IDE for Android app Development

So It’s a long a waited question for every beginner Android application Developer “Which one is better, Android Studio or Eclipse IDE?” and the question still remains unanswered. So here is the answer to THE QUESTION.


Well, Android Studio is an IDE to develop apps for Android mobiles and is one of the best IDE available in the market. It is also a replacement to Eclipse IDE (that was used to develop apps for Android OS). Now that Android Studio is available Eclipse IDE is less used and day by day it is diminishing away.

Android Studio is totally based on the same concept as the Eclipse IDE and is also uses the same way to develop any App. It also needs a java class, XML file as UI design, same long time wait (4 to 5 mins) to deploy any app and same AndroidManifest.XML file registration to every activity and permeation and many more things that an Eclipse IDE needed. so why to have such a huge IDE to be installed in developer’s system and to get familiar with the IDE, any to even use it.


Here is some difference that I have ever come across is that in Eclipse developer had to create every Activity manually but in Android Studio you only need to click some buttons and check a few things and Activity can be created easily. Also now Android Studio provides some features like Fast Deploy which comes in handy when developing an app with confused logic and unsatisfied UI design.

So here is an to answer: use Android Studio, it’s better, fast easy to use, same java file and XML scripts and above all, now Android Studio provides Game Development which is quite easy to learn there are many tutorials available online to learn Android app development using Android Studio.

Don’t take my words take the markets demand nowadays no organization work in/with Eclipse IDE, they want the Android app developer to be fluent in Android Studio and not because Android Studio is easy to use but also it’s a standard IDE to develop apps to work in Android OS.

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