Android studio vs Xamarin(Visual studio)

In this post, I’m going to talk about the similarities and differences in android app develop via Android Studio and Visual Studio also known as Xamarin.

 Pros (benefits) of Android studio

  1. As discussed in my other post it is sure that we only need java code and XML script for the application.
  2. It is very developer friendly.
  3. No need to use a swing or any similar tech to designing the app.
  4. hardcoded thing any a times but quite lazy to do so, the android studio have a string.XML file that can help you.
  5. There is no needed for very harsh Java code, there are many API to help you.

Develop mobile Applications without any coding knowledge.

Pros of Xamarin

  1. It is.Net based studio.
  2. Much faster than Android studio.
  3. you want an app that works on Android phone, an iPhone and Microsoft mobile OS, no need to develop a separate app for that, C# code can be used in all scenarios.
  4. As apps deploy fast it is very easy to find the bug and resolve it.
  5. Game development is made very easy, using unity platform.
  6. .Net skilled programmer find it very easy, others may face problems at first but with time, Visual Studio behind easy.



  1. Both have the same format for designing the app. Using XML file.
  2. Almost everything is same. For example, both studios have an AndroidManifest file, that is used for registering the activities and to grant permissions to the app.
  3. Coding style, binding items to the code is also quite same in both the studios.
  4. ABD.exe, a driver file that is responsible to deploy the app and debug on Android phone is common.
  5. Emulator in both studios are all the way same


  1. Android studio takes a while in Gradel build to take a lot of RAM and time to process, Xamarin does it all in the background.
  2. Android Studio is free for all but Xamarin is very costly but it’s free for students.
  3. Need any support, MSDN is one single link to help you in that others may not be that updated, Android Studio is java based so many links and many developers.
  4. Visual Studio has many emulators depending on which one do you want, android studio’s emulators are limited to Android OS.


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