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Hi! This post is about earning money from apps. You cannot get rich from these apps, as the title of this post states “Pocket Money Apps”. In one of my previous post I have told you about apps to make money, I have personally tried those apps.

Now I want to show you more apps to earn 200-1000/- or more per month just by referring and playing.

  1. OneAd

This is a wonderful app but most of the people do not know how to use it. So basically this app is about referring to friends or family members, or you can use their phone, install the app and enter your referral code…haha!

So if you refer your friend you get money andone ad when your friend refers someone your friend and you both get the money; also the friend being referred is awarded, this is called multilevel marketing. What about cash out? Yeah, don’t worry you can cash out with a very small amount of money. So if you have a great friend circle than don’t wait and install the app. So far I have earned 1000/- in a month.

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Tip: don’t get disappointed very soon! It really pays

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  1. News DOG

One thing I like most about this app is not making monewsdogney! I love its feature of showing news in your city day-to-day and also worldwide news too. Best thing is you are paid for daily check-in and hourly check-in this app. You get more money when you refer your friends. It is easy to use the app, just be patient and find people to use this application and refer them. Even if they don’t want to earn from this app, your friends can get daily updates on the news.

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  1. Google Opinion Rewards

You can trust it as it’s from Google, its best for you if you are a person who roams around too much! You will get surveys to review about the places you have visited or even if you crossed such a place, they want you to review about it. Those surveys are not hectic as survey sites give you just 2-3 clicks and all set. The money is real but you cannot cash it out. You will get a discount on anything you buy from Google play store. Or even if you buy gems and life in games you are playing. It’s easy and you can download games which you want to play but are paid; for free!

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That’s it, these are less but really helping, no SCAMS



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