India’s first Geo Sensing Tractor

This automated tractor uses satellite connectivity and geo-sensing technology to work in the farm. There are several types of advanced sensors that help in running it straightaway. Escorts Limited has teamed up with seven companies and launched this tractor in New Delhi Today.

This is first automated tractor in india.

Geo Sensing

Substantial advances over the last few years have provided us with diverse and robust techniques to quickly and precisely capture large amounts of geospatial information For example, using cameras, laser scanners and GPS sensors on-board static or mobile platforms allows us to collect geospatially rich information, such as the locations of moving objects, or detailed 3-D terrain models as they are captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle flying over an area of interest. While these current capabilities are indeed substantial, the future is very exciting, as we are now on the verge of another significant evolution: the emergence of geosensor networks.

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Geosensor networks are a specific type of sensor net. They can be loosely defined as sensor networks that monitor phenomena in geographic space, and in which the geospatial content of the information collected, aggregated, analyzed and monitored is of fundamental importance. In such networks, analysis and aggregation may be performed locally in real-time by the sensor nodes themselves, or off-line in several distributed, in-situ or centralized repositories.


Increased crop yields and scientific control of all production parameters are therefore the challenges that both large and smaller agricultural companies have to face. To the Agriculture 4.0 applications for family-owned businesses was in fact dedicated the conference held in the morning of July 28, titled “Digital Technologies for Quality Agricultural Productions. An Opportunity for Small Businesses.”

Sensor technology has the potential to provide added value for agriculture e.g., for improving yield quality or for decreasing costs or risks in production. Currently, sensor technology has been most commonly applied in real-time weather monitoring for support of management practices, and in precision agriculture.

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