Who Wrote First Computer Program?

In the software/Programming industry, the number of men working is high. But the First  computer program was written by a person was a lady!

Ada Lovelace 6a00e54fdd46f4883301156f421b92970b-800wi1-e1266337354808.jpg

She was the world’s first computer programmer all the way back in the mid-1800s, writing the world’s first computer program in 1842.  She was also an accomplished mathematician, which was obviously quite rare for women in the era she lived.

But, how did Ada Lovelace become the world’s first computer programmer when there were no computers in the 1800s? 

Turing Completes are machined to produce results of a mathematical calculation. Simplest computer, a “Turing Machine”, can do anything the most complicated computer can do, then any machine that can do everything it can also perform any calculation a modern day computer can do. Such computer designed by Charles Babbage in the 1800s. Babbage created a machine that was capable of doing a variety of mathematical calculations correctly every time, discarding the basic errors that happen when humans do calculations by hand.

After failing to build the second difference engine, Babbage began designing a much more complex machine, which he called the “Analytical Engine”.  The Analytical Engine used punch cards which would allow anyone to make some program with the punch cards once and then reuse this program wherever required without manually writing code over and over again.

This machine was also able to automatically use the results of previous calculations in future calculations. This and other functionality of the underlying architecture of the machine created by Babbage made this machine very much similar in architecture to how modern day computers work.  As such, Charles Babbage is known as the “father of the computer”.

Ada Lovelace, nicknamed by Babbage “The Enchantress of Numbers”, was impressed by Babbage’s Analytical Engine design and between 1842 and 1843 she translated an article by Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea covering the engine.  She then supplemented the article with notes of her own on the engine, with the notes being longer than the memoir itself! 

In these added notes, she included the world’s first computer program that would use the machine to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli numbers (In mathematics, the Bernoulli numbers Bₙ are a sequence of rational numbers which occur frequently in number theory.) and has since been shown to be a valid algorithm that would have run correctly on the first Analytical Engine ever been built.

Besides this, she also was one of the first to see that this computer Babbage designed could likely someday be used to do more than just crunch numbers, such as be used for music and other non-mathematical purposes or as we use modern computers nowadays.

The programming language “Ada”, which is the official programming language of the United States military, was named after Ada Lovelace; the military standard for the language, “MIL-STD-1815” was given the number of the year of her birth.

Ada died a nearly 9 years or so after writing this program, at the very young age of 36 years old on November 27, 1852, from uterine cancer and bloodletting by her physicians.


She was extraordinarily intelligent But died very soon due to her disease. 

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