The King was Chosen By votes of People!

A democracy is a political system, or a system of decision-making within an institution or organization or a country, in which all members have an equal share of power! Really!

The oldest known existence of a democratic kingdom (Ganarajya) where the king was chosen by people’s votes can be traced way back in 599 BC at Vajji, Vaishali in ancient India. It was the birthplace of 24th and last Tirthankara in Jainism, named Mahavira.

In 507 B.C.E. demokratia, or “rule by the people” was introduced as a series of political reforms by the Athenian leader Cleisthenes. Then, around 470 B.C.E., Athenian politician Pericles came to the scene and helped develop these ideas into a more substantial political system for the Athenians.

Wait! what BC/B.C.E who was the first?

Democracy is generally associated with the efforts of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were themselves considered the founders of Western civilization by the 18th-century intellectuals who attempted to leverage these early democratic experiments into a new template for the post-monarchical political organization.

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