First E-commerce Website in the World

You are sitting at your home and looking for a top/t-shirt you want to buy from the last 2 weeks! Very easy right? select price, apply filters and get home delivery pay via cash or Cards online or at Arrival.

Once a Person applies his idea many people copy it like every other site, than Amazon.

Yes Amazon is the first E-commerce site.  It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and was one of the first American e-commerce companies to sell products over the Internet.

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Jeff Bezos

Amazon is at Top and the CEO is going to be the richest person known on earth according to the news.

Why known? Is there a person unknown and richest? Find Out!

Bezos first got the idea to start an Internet enterprise in 1994. While surfing the Internet in search of new ventures for D.E. Shaw & Co. to invest in, he came across the statistic that World Wide Web usage was growing by 2,300 percent a month. Bezos immediately recognized the expansive possibilities of selling online and began exploring the entrepreneurial possibilities of developing an Internet business.

In July 1995, opened its virtual doors, calling itself “Earth’s Biggest Book Store,” with more than 1 million titles to choose from. Fueled by word of mouth, or more accurately, word of e-mail, rocketed off the line like a nitro-burning dragster. Enraptured by the enormous selection of books, the superior customer service and the user-friendly design of the site, Internet users ecstatically plugged on Internet newsgroups and mailing lists.


He took a right decision at the right time when the internet was growing and books were still very popular. An idea and a Dream to be more and more successful can change your life! and other’s too

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