The First Song in the World

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Everybody listens to music and thanks to the entertainment industry there is a variety of music you can listen to by different people with relaxing as well as ” i am going to give you a  headache” voices.

The First Song

In the 1950’s some archaeologists were doing their thing out there and found a set of clay tablets pressed with all the cuneiform you’d expect.  They dug these right out of the ancient city Ugarit and started studying them.  Turns out that they included music… not just any music but the oldest song we have any record of!


The studious Anne Draffkorn Kilmer at the University of California figured out what it said in 1972, meticulously working out the notation system for the song.  It’s a religious hymn following a 7-note diatonic scale and even includes harmony, which musicologists thought didn’t exist until the time of the ancient Greeks.

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