My Favorite Android Apps

I Use my mobile Phone most of the time, I even watch all the movies and tv series on my mobile phone only. I use too many apps because of that but I only use the following apps regularly. So Starting from Morning, the first app I use is Instagram. Most of the people use this app. so, after wasting my time 10 to 15 min on Instagram I use:


This app counts steps exactly as they are and also have many groups and challenges you can compete in a month, week or day. I like this app most because of the exercise routine it had fixed for me. I am using a paid plan for now and it is not costly at all, actually, this paid plan was free to me as I use google rewards.

Google Rewards

This app will give you very short surveys and trust me it is really useful. Me and my mom had downloaded many paid apps for free just because of this. I purchased paid plans in android apps through this amount. You can only spend reward money in google play store apps buying anything from there and even buying anything like packages or gems in any game. This app only has one con that you can’t transfer this money to your account. Watch here to learn how to use google rewards. you can get 5 Rs to 30 rs from one survey which is just a 2-minute survey.



The best app to listen to music and find lyrics or even a song you heard somewhere and want to know what was that. Just tye some of the lyrics you remember and this app will find that for you. This app has the best user interface and colorful designs are awesome. Also, the sleep mode feature helps me to sleep while listening to music.

Stupid Zombies

I love this game. I am playing this game for 2 months and it is really addicting and challenging at every level. you should try this for passing time.


Keep your personal notes locked. make shopping lists and much more. I use this app mostly for diary writing. You can use the calendar to not forget important dates and it is really helpful and easy to use in comparison to other apps I have switched to but I always installed this app again and again after trying other apps.


According to data Most of the women uses this app but it is really helpful for every gender and students and people who love creativity. There are a number of ideas and beautiful images you can use to get any idea whether it is for a gift, home decoration, office decoration or related everything you can think of. It is like a browser but it is just based on image searching and content rather than just the content.

Web Comics

I found this app via one of the Instagram posts and this is a really entertaining app you can find on play store. This app has lots of stories you can read whenever you are free and none of them are boring, I have already gone through some stories and chapters now I just wait for next day for the next episode of those stories. You can also contribute to the stories.


If you are planning to buy cosmetics and I recommend you buy that from nykaa stores. I trust their brands and whatever they deliver is of good quality. This app is for both men and women cosmetic and beauty products. the best thing about nykaa is reviews and rating from all the customers. almost everyone who buys from nykaa leaves reviews.

My Friend recommended me this app. If you are living in a big city than this app will give you service there. This apps provides you a discount from every possible hotel, theme parks, beauty parlor, restaurants and much more like a concert and other activities. This app is really helpful too save money while traveling.


This is also a good app, you can call this as a youtube audio only app. You can listen to many recording, stories (horror stories), motivational videos, jokes, Ramayan and more in Hindi.  mostly use this app to listen to horror stories!!!

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