Most Useful Youtube channels to study

You may be spending a lot of time on you tube to learn or just for passing time. A lot of students take help from you tube because they don’t attend lectures! and rely on youtube for hard questionnaires which is totally fine I did that too…Alot!

so here I have some youtube channels which are really good and full of information you may need to learn.

Career Ride

This is the best youtube channel for those who are going to attend placement drives soon. They have solved all the important questions and every kind of question on a topic (Thye have covered all the topics in quants and logical). I was not good at aptitude before I watched their videos.

They have given some really short tricks which u can use and are very easy to remember. In every video they solve 15 to 20 questions with a lot of explanation in detail and the plus point is that they also show multiple tricks through which you can solve a particular question. 

Naresh I Technologies

This you tube channel is about coding problems. There are some specific types of coding problems which can be asked in any paper whether it is college exams or placement drives like Fibonacci series, Armstrong number, matrix multiplication etc. Remembering the code for all of that programs is not possible so this channel may help you here if you are having trouble. 

On this channel first thing they do is explain the logic in the simplest way that a non-coding background person can also understand what is happening. Then they will write the code while explaining everything they are writing. Good Luck With your Coding!!


This one is for engineers only. This Youtube channel is really good. It has DIY videos for engineers. Explanation to some theories. Some Really fun videos are also here and also job experiences are added at different organizations.

Learn English

Learning English is really necessary. The best video tutorial i find on interent is this youtube channel.


This Youtube channel is useful for people who are going to attend government exams. they have included all the types of topics that are asked in previous papers.

Also, they have sorted some really important and repeated questions for you and this is free too! Just watch the video to get all the important questions for your exams.

Thank you! for reading my post if any of the channel helped you learn something than please rate my post and share it with your friends.

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