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Android OS is awarded the most used OS for any device, and many many many people are switching their business to online stores and digital marketing via their mobile phone. And for billing one most important thing is invoice.

To generate Invoice in Android application there are many third party libraries available but the most efficient and easy to use is “ITEXT”. In this tutorial, you are going to learn about how to create pdf or invoices through “Itext”. You can develop and design any type of pdf file through this whether it is a simple table/ product list with images/ research paper/ invoices. So Let’s Begin With Adding Itext Files in Your android app

In Gradle Build (App) add this in dependencies

Now After you Sync your Gradle files Go to Resource Layout and add an ImageView

Now Create A POJO Class where you can get or set data from your database Create

Now in Your Write following code

Don’t forget to give Internet and External Storage Permission in your Manifest File.

If you want to design something complex then you can get help from their documentation examples. They have almost covered everything. Check Here.

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