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        <h3>Our story</h3>      
    My Moto is to provide programming and application development tips to help you to be updated what is the current industry demands + To Keep This Not Boring!

A Platform For New Bies in Programmer and Tech world. This site is for you if you are a programmer and you love to explore the IT world. I will share top tools and technologies in the IT world to keep my reader updated.

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Other than all Geeky things you are welcome to my lifestyle blog to know about some fun activities, side earnings, entertainment tactics and much more.

I have also added a category called The First”. You must subscribe to this if you want to improve your GK. I will share things which happened for the first time in history and who was the person to perform them or invent them, also some stories behind wonderful inventions of all time.

I am also going to share some wonderful gift ideas you can gift to your loved ones or just for formality!! Some gift you can buy for yourself, something that is unique and you must have. Stay Updated with my blog to EmptyPocket.


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