Airdrop Gaming HipShotDot

  1. .Works with 100s of 1st and 3rd person shooter games including popular titles such as Call of Duty.
  2. Shoot from the hip, quick scope or no scope faster and with more accuracy.
  3. Dominate hardcore matches with a permanent red dot sight on any weapon style.
  4. Leverage the advantage of an additional weapon attachment over the competition. 


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The HipShotDot is the gaming industry’s first powered red dot sight attachment for your television. The HipShotDot replaces or enhances your in game sights with a physical USB powered red dot sight. This attachment is made of sturdy and durable materials and is designed for long-lasting use. Improve your KDR, perfect your trick scope, run and gun and shoot from the hip like never before. Level up with the HipShotDot!




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