Car touch-free wash

  1. Superior surface cleanser
  2. Advanced foaming technology
  3. Perfect for weekly maintenance
  4. Safe for wax and sealant
  5. Rinses clean with no residue


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Turn your weekly car wash into a fabulous foam party combining our most Foam-Tastic foam cannon with three bottles of everyone’s favorite soaps. This foam cannon kit is the perfect choice for the detailing professional or weekend warrior looking to wash any vehicle using the amazing cleaning power of thick fluffy foam. Give your car a gentle “touch-free wash” while removing dirt and grime faster than ever.¬†Snow Foam allows the cleaning suds to penetrate deep into the cracks of your vehicle removing all the dust, dirt and debris that are normally missed with a traditional bucket wash. Often times if the vehicle is covered with light dust, the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon can clean the car for a “touch-free” wash reducing the chances of creating swirl marks and scratches. Snow Foam technology will transform the way you wash your car forever.



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