Magnetized Zen Garden

  1. Zen Garden Desktop, Zen Garden Kit, Magnetic Zen Garden, Mini Zen Garden
  2. MagZen is a unique “Magnetic” Zen Garden that combines natural Magnetic Sand together with Three (3) Polished Hematite Magnet Rocks and three (3) Real Metal & Wood Tools.
  3. Use the magnets and the tools to enhance creativity, relaxation, peace and Zen.

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You’ll forget about the troubles of the day as you focus on your next magnetic creation. Playing with magnets and magnetic sand is a great way to relieve stress. The miniature metal tools interact with the magnets and the sand in a unique, relaxing, interesting and fun way. You’ll find yourself drawn back to this unique magnetic zen box, again and again. It’s addictive and promotes the same benefits as meditation. BENEFITS Promotes Relaxation and Stress-Relief By focusing on your creation, you’ll forget about everything else. This is an extremely potent form of meditation!



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